Family Events

We believe that family involvement forms an integral and essential part of a child’s educational journey. The family and home are a child’s primary social and learning environment, and parents and carers are a child’s first teachers and the principal advocates in transmitting the values that will stay with your child for the rest of their lives.

At O Castro British International school, we believe that school and family share a joint responsibility for supporting and guiding a child along this journey. To provide parents and families with the opportunity to actively participate in their child’s education, the school organises a number of family activities via which we reinforce our vision, our value systems and our commitment to the school community as a whole.

Educational Innovation Days

The British Education system is respected worldwide for its academic scope and established success rates, and is a dynamic and innovative educational model. In our constant search to find new ways to improve your child’s education we hold Educational Innovation Days, which are designed to share techniques and experiences that have been successfully applied in the classroom and to discuss and evaluate new strategies and methodologies. These events are aimed at educational professionals and interested parents, both from within our own school community and from other external agencies.


Science Fair

Every year at O Castro British International School we run our amazing Science Fair, which involves a series of informative talks, hands-on activities, interactive experiments, workshops and lots of scientific surprises! The Science Fair is designed to encourage and promote scientific research and investigation, analysis and critical thinking and scientific debate. Our Science Fair has grown into a fantastic family event – come and see for yourselves!


Parent Education

Throughout the academic year we offer an annual programme of activities, workshops, informative talks and conferences for parents.


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