Primary Education

Throughout Primary we work to establish the positive habits and characteristics that your child will take with them as their educational journey progresses. Children are encouraged to think independently, develop critical thinking skills, to take initiative and to act responsibly, in addition to developing collective values such as cooperation, teamwork, compassion, respect and tolerance. We also focus on skills such as effective communication, conflict resolution and the ability to make reasoned decisions. Our objective is for our students to develop the following strategies, skills and values:

  • All-round development of the whole student, with the ability to think critically, form their own opinions and take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Personal tutors create a secure and stable learning environment and ensure good communication with families.
  • Development of study plans and problem-solving strategies to help manage issues arising in or outside the classroom.
  • Linguistic immersion in English and Spanish. Galician is introduced at the beginning of primary level.
  • Creativity. We encourage creativity at all curricular stages. Our arts and music courses offer countless opportunities for our students to explore and develop their creative skills.
  • Sport. Our focus on sport and well-being encourages our students to stay fit and healthy, develop their physical skills and promotes values such as teamwork, cooperation, fair play and leadership. Our excellent sporting facilities and beautiful natural setting provide the perfect opportunity for our students to establish a healthy and active lifestyle.


“A teacher from my Faculty of Education said that the greatest satisfaction of a teacher is to see what their students are converting once they have gone through “their hands”. The same thing happens with our school. With my school.

After six years here, my wife also a teacher at the center, my daughter student, O Castro British School is part of my family and my family is part of the school. Seeing our school grow is a source of pride for everyone: teaching team, secretariat, kitchen, cleaning, maintenance … people in whom I trust the most important thing in my life: my daughter. And if I have chosen this project for my family it is because I firmly believe in it.”

Lalo Lago

Primary Teacher

“Searching for a stimulating academic environment where I could put down roots and continue to grow as an educator, I joined O Castro almost five years ago.

Since then, I have found myself in a warm, welcoming atmosphere supported both personally and professionally by a great staff. In spite of its healthy growth, O Castro still feels like a close-knit family where everyone knows your name and we take the time to get to know each other.  Without this sense of community it would be impossible to craft inspiring, cross-curriculum learning opportunities for our students that often require the collaboration of other educators and classes.

One of the most appealing aspects of our school is that we can achieve all this while modeling target languages in a way that consistently encourages correct usage by our students. It is often said that learning other languages can be “fun” and “useful”, yet I discovered early on in my career that foreign language acquisition that takes place in an optimal learning environment can shape and change our lives by unlocking doors to great opportunities, huge adventures and vast cultural enrichment.”

Denise Linela Rodriguez

Year 5 Teacher

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