Early Years

During the Early Years stage of their education children develop emotionally, affectively, physically, socially and cognitively. Each student’s progress is individually monitored and they work at their own pace in a warm, friendly, supportive and stimulating environment.

The Early Years stage is the foundation of your child’s educational journey. Students learn through play, build relationships and experiment with different practical activities; the acquisition of motor skills (relating to cognitive function and physical development), English, creative activities, music and swimming form an important part of the curriculum at this stage.

Full immersion in the English language is a fundamental part of our educational programme. English is learnt in a natural way from the moment your child joins the school via many different activities including play-based activities, music, and art. Daily immersion and stimulating activities foster a positive attitude towards learning language, and an interest in other cultures. Children grow as individuals during this stage and are guided along the first steps of an educational journey that will last a lifetime. Spanish also forms part of the Early Years curriculum from Reception onwards.

We believe that a strong and positive home-school relationship is essential to your child’s progress, and thus from the moment your child enters the school we work closely with families to guide our students on their academic journey. Pupils learn and grow in a caring, happy, family-friendly environment, surrounded by a great team of professionals whose main aim is to motivate and inspire your child.

Our approach to education ensures that your child will always look forward to Monday morning!


“I have worked at O Castro British School for several years as an early years TA and I was recently offered the fantastic opportunity to train as an early year’s teacher and am now one of the tutor teachers in Nursery. This has long been an ambition of mine so I am delighted to be able to fulfill it.

I find the Early Years department a hugely rewarding area of education and I am fascinated to observe how the children gain new skills and confidence through exploring and experimenting in the 7 areas of learning.  Here at O Castro we have a double challenge as its not only about delivering a fun and exciting curriculum but also to enable the children to learn, understand and to be confident in speaking English. There is never a dull moment!!

As a department we are very lucky to have lots of fantastic resources and a lovely outside area where the children can take advantage of many outdoor learning opportunities. Seeing the amazing progress the children make on a daily basis makes all the hard work extremely worthwhile and I hope to continue teaching at O Castro for many years to come.”

Sarah Tomlinson

Early Years Teacher

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