Education for the world of tomorrow, today

In such a changing context as the present one, education plays a crucial role more than ever, with the challenge of being at the forefront of the transformation process. The educational approaches that served previous generations do not have the capacity to fully prepare today’s children for this future.

Students starting school today will leave school in a world even more interconnected, complex, uncertain and changing than today’s, where those who are adaptable and resilient, those who are prepared to face the inevitable challenges and unimaginable opportunities that tomorrow’s world will bring, will be valued and rewarded.

Globeducate British International Schools

In order to provide a clear response to this reality Globeducate has created the British International Schools Cluster; a new brand within the group with a shared educational philosophy and positioning, which will bring more and better teaching and learning opportunities to the whole educational community, and of which O Castro British International School is one of the founding schools of the cluster.

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Mission: To prepare our students to shape tomorrow through excellence in British education, with a global perspective.


An Educational Philosophy based on four core principles:

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We enrich and challenge, so our students can each achieve success in their own way and help shape the future.


We nurture our student’s life

Through a broad and balanced curriculum that goes beyond the purely academic, we build a deeper experience of the world. This encourages an environment in which each student can discover and develop their own talents – and appreciate the perspectives and gifts of others.


We prepare our students to face challenges successfully

A great education equips a student to face challenges confidently and manage failure with tenacity and resilience. From rigorous academic standards, to outdoors expeditions, we aim to cultivate the character of every student, through safe and managed exposure to experiences that stretch them.


We help our students to identify their unique talents

The coming decades will present extraordinary opportunities and challenges for humanity and the planet; and also for our students. Our aim is to prepare and inspire each student to contribute to a more just and sustainable world by making use of their unique talents, which are nurtured by developing the integrity, confidence and character of each person as an individual.


We believe success takes many forms

We aim to empower all of our students to discover what it will mean for them, and to achieve the highest qualifications and, above all, to make this process of learning and seeking success as a basis for a fulfilling life as enriching as possible.


  • INDEPENDENCE to have its own values and principles
  • CHALLENGE stretches students beyond their comfort zones to develop their full potential
  • BREATH both academic and extracurricular
  • TRADITION as a feeling of unity and respect for history and our heritage
  • GLOBALISM with English as a vehicular language
  • RESPECT for the environment and for others
  • SELF-POSSESION Emotional regulation, calm and confidence
  • IMAGINATION to promote creative and inventive spirit

Follow our journey

Find out more about our educational project on our Social Media or request an appointment with our Admissions Team.

As we move forward to our newly strengthened identity as both a British and International school, I am sure our students and our whole community will take this opportunity to become even more dynamic in understanding their role as future leaders. Never in living memory have our generation needed the sort of renewed energy of intellect, emotional compassion and discernment in the scientific and social spheres as we need now, facing off the worst of times with confidence and resilience. Stepping forward as O Castro British International School we are as ready as we can be.


Executive Head of Globeducate British International Schools in Galicia

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