School services

At O Castro British International School one of our priorities is creating a healthy home-school balance for our pupils and their families. In order to facilitate this, we offer a range of services designed to make meeting the demands of home, work, school and other commitments a little easier.

Special Educational Needs Department

At O Castro British International School, we provide an inclusive education based upon our fundamental view that all children are different, that this diversity should be celebrated, and that every child has a right for their individual educational needs to be met. We understand that many children experience difficulties at different times throughout their lives and we make every effort to ensure that we provide the right sort of help at the right time; our Special Educational Needs Department are available to all of our students and their families whenever it is needed.

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Dining Room

All school meals are prepared daily in our own on-site kitchen by a qualified chef, under the close supervision of a dietician. Teachers and auxiliary staff share the responsibility of accompanying and supervising the pupils during meal times. We are happy to cater for all special dietary requirements, whether they be for medical reasons or on religious grounds and, naturally, a vegetarian option is also available. For those children who come to school early, our Breakfast Club provides them with this all-important first meal of the day. We foster a healthy attitude towards food, encouraging our pupils to enjoy meal-times, develop good table-manners and develop healthy eating habits.


School transport

It is not always easy or possible for parents with busy work schedules and professional commitments to take their children to and from school, and with this in mind, we run several bus routes between the school, and Vigo and the surrounding areas. Further information about the school buses and our routes is available upon request.


Extended hours

We understand what a strain it can be to juggle modern day schedules around the beginning and end of a traditional school day. With this in mind, at O Castro British International School, we offer the option of extended hours, both at the beginning and at the end of the day: The Breakfast Club runs from 08:00 hours, the After-School Club from 16:20 to 17:30 hours, and Late After School from 17:30 to 18:10 hours.


School Shop and Uniform

The School has its own shop located on the school site, which sells uniform and sports kit in addition to any other equipment that your child may need for lessons. O Castro British International School uniform can also be purchased from El Corte Inglés, in the “Ropa Infantil & Uniformes” Department.


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