Educational Excellence

Our aim is to prepare our students to live confidently and successfully in today’s global community and Educational Excellence is one of the four fundamental principles that we believe helps us to achieve this goal. We employ qualified professionals with the experience to identify each student’s strengths and weaknesses and to provide them with the specific help and guidance that they need to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

From the very start of their educational journey at O Castro British International School, we strive to educate ethically-aware young people with strong cognitive, communicative, creative, physical and social skills. We offer a broad, balanced and innovative curriculum designed to provide an all-round education, from the moment our pupils join the school, to the moment they leave. We employ highly qualified teachers and have excellent support staff, including educational psychologists, who are able to offer additional help and guidance to students, teachers and families where necessary. Our school community works together to give our students the best possible preparation for a successful future.

Curriculum and Key Stages

A complete international study programme

The curriculum at O Castro British International School focuses on the individual needs and requirements of each student and endeavours to provide them with the tools that they need to play a positive and proactive role in their academic study, their later professional lives and in society in general. Our educational programme is multilingual and places a particular emphasis on subjects such as music, sport and the arts. We aim to educate our students to become valuable and responsible members of the international community with the ability to understand and embrace the challenges of the world we live in today.

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Effective learning

Bringing out the best in every student

O Castro British International School focusses on ensuring that every student feels confident, positive and enthusiastic about learning; each pupil is helped to set and achieve appropriate goals to facilitate both academic and personal progress. As students move through the school they are taught how to research, study, and learn more independently, and our teachers employ a wide range of strategies to guide and direct each student’s learning pathway to ensure that they achieve their maximum potential.

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Technological Innovation

New technologies for teaching and learning

New technologies provide an increasingly valuable resource for our teachers, enabling them to offer dynamic learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. Our pupils learn skills such as Coding and programming, promoting cognitive development and helping to prepare them for the technological challenges of the 21st century.

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Our Teachers

Constantly learning….

We work with highly qualified, experienced teachers who participate in ongoing training to ensure that they remain at the cutting edge of educational innovation and provide a continual source of knowledge and inspiration for our students. O Castro teachers attend professional development and training workshops run by Globeducate, enabling them to share and develop teaching strategies and best practice with other teachers from around the world. Globeducate initiatives such as the Learning Coaches programme and the Globeducate Platinum Standard assessment and improvement programme, provide a structured, forward-thinking platform that facilitates steady and continuous progress.

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Special Educational Needs Department

Providing support where it’s needed…

O Castro British International School’s Special Educational Needs Department works with students, teachers and parents to address specific needs, both at home and at school, offering support and guidance wherever it may be required.

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