A Values-based Education

At O Castro British International School, providing a Values-based education is one of the core principles of our overall philosophy and essential to the intellectual, social and personal development of our students throughout all stages of their education. We strive to instill a sense of ethical awareness from an early age, reinforcing positive values such as self-discipline, respect, tolerance and compassion.

The acquisition of knowledge requires determination, concentration and a positive and focused approach. Our objective is to educate students that are well-mannered and respectful, and who are proud to be part of our school community and the Globeducate Group as a whole.

Academic excellence goes hand in hand with a positive and clear personal vision. From the Early Years stage onwards, we encourage students to adopt the values advocated by the school and to understand the importance of traits such as perseverance, hard work, tolerance and respect. As they progress through Secondary and Sixth Form, students continue to learn essential life skills such the ability to think rationally, resolve conflict, make their own decisions, evaluate risk and to grow in intellectual, emotional and social maturity.

We encourage students to participate in external charitable and community projects, which provide an opportunity for children to begin to understand the hardship that others may have to endure and to develop values ​​such as compassion, empathy and social responsibility. Our students collaborate in various initiatives including Vigo’s wheelchair basketball team and a volunteer reading scheme in a nursing home.

Corporate Responsibility

At O Castro British International School, we understand our Corporate Responsibility to be the ethical obligations and commitments that arise as a result of the impact that the activity of our school has upon social, working, environmental and human rights.

We are committed to improving our social, economic, and environmental impact and aim to reconcile business efficiency with these three key concerns. We believe that we play an important role in helping to foster a sense of the importance of social and ethical responsibility from within our whole school community.

At O Castro British International School, we are committed to fulfilling the following objectives:

  • Respecting Human Rights and promoting social awareness.
  • Committing to cultural, environmental and social action, and collaborating with various NGOs and volunteer projects.
  • Organising long-term social awareness and environmental education programmes.
  • Building an aesthetically pleasing and friendly working space, paying special attention to environmental considerations.
  • Fostering ecological awareness throughout the entire school community.
  • Minimising waste and preventing contamination, in conjunction with environmental sensitivity and recycling plans.
  • Maximising efficiency and productivity in the use of all our resources.
  • Developing positive relationships with local suppliers and acquiring organically sourced agriculture and livestock products.

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